Building a Better World: The Idea

Let me start by saying that this is a conceptual work with the focus of increasing international security as well as expanding trade and the flow of people, capital, and ideas across borders. Periodic updates will cover topics in how to form future UN peacekeeping operations, increasing international cooperation through international organizations and working on expanding the flow of capital and ideas between states.

My starting point will focus on global security concerns, as other issues such as foreign investment will not occur until investors are satisfied that investment zones are secure enough to do business in. The primary focus of security rests between intervention by states such as the United States and China, international groups such as NATO and the AU, and international organizations such as the UN.

Sub-topics in the security section will focus on nuclear arms and peace/proliferation issues, future security of current conflict zones, how to build better peacekeeping forces, ideas for successful security policies, and ideas and methods of conflict management and negotiation practices.

I will be basing most of y work off of a synthesis of academic articles, lectures received, real-world examples of success and failure, and my own thoughts.

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