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The Glorious History of North Korea, Revealed.

Someone dug this up from the internet, and it is brilliant. A short 5-page satire on the rise of Kim Jong Il as the glorious leader of North Korea. Read the whole thing, it is worth it. Advertisements

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Please excuse the image quality, I took these on my phone. Anyway, today’s excursion was to Jungle Adventure Putt-Putt (or mini golf for the rest of the civilized world). I was expecting the same mini golf I had experienced in … Continue reading

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ISA Conference ahoy!

For the last week or so, a particular friend and I have been collaborating on topics of interest in the international policy arena. The goal of this project was to be submission to the International Studies Association (ISA), for consideration … Continue reading

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Korea’s Sore Spots Get Poked

The clash between North and South Korea continues to heat up. The New York Times today published an article on the suspension of the hot line between the navies of both countries. This presents a serious problem for both of … Continue reading

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Stephanie Meyer: What Have You Done?

As I was perusing the offerings of the internet last night, I stumbled across this: I personally blame the author of the twilight saga (you know the ones where the vampires sparkle and the female heroine is just a hollow … Continue reading

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The Government Employment Process. Or: Frustration in a Can.

Do you ever get the urge to rip the head of the next fuzzy and cute thing that wanders your way.? In the spirit of list-based comedy, I’m going to explain why trying to find your first federal job equates … Continue reading

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Sun eats planet for breakfast, North and South Korea split (again)

Two items from the news this morning, one really cool, one not-so-cool. First: The Hubble Space Telescope has captured an image of a sun eating a planet. Yes, you heard that right, a Sun. Eating a plant. Here’s the Article … Continue reading

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New Federal Aid to Small Businesses Package Announced

I grabbed this from POLITICO this morning. It’s a 6-page fact sheet from the Administration’s newest effort to increase the development and capital flow for small businesses. Some noticeable excerpts: – $30 bn in new loans – 0% capital gains … Continue reading

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The Empire Turns 30

Almost forgot this: The Empire Strikes Back is 30 years old. Here’s to an incredible series and an incredible film. Arc Technia on the film I would love to get my hands on some of the old promotional posters.

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Obama gets second win. Brown plays nice. (It comes with video!)

Yesterday afternoon the Senate passed the sweeping financial overhaul bill by a vote of 59-39. Obama can go ahead and chalk that one up as a second major win for his agenda this year. Scott Brown (R-Mass), Chuck Grassley (R … Continue reading

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