Coming up this week:

I will be checking in with Harry Mitchell’s office and his Chief of Staff in an on going quest to find some purpose for myself. Or, in other words, I will be looking for work on the Hill. Wish me luck.

It all goes down in here: Longworth House, Congressional Offices, DC

A few good reads this morning as I begin my daily roundup on the job boards and research front: Glenn Thrush and the always-insider Mike Allen write about the problem of appearances when government addresses national crises, in this case, the leaking oil in the gulf. – From Politico’s page.

David Brooks from the NYTimes wrote about how government policy is only effective in terms of it’s ability to change culture and society. He uses an interesting cross section of Swedes in the US and Sweden, as well as cross-ethnic and regional comparisons in the US.

And the big news this morning was the arrest of a suspect from the attempted Times Square Bombing

Of course, I am still excited for this to come up:

EU Open House Banner

Other than the news and a few sporadic events, I will continue to look for work, research for the Hudson Institute ( and look for interesting things from DC.

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