Reston Art Walk

This last weekend I made the decision to cut my hair. It was about time. One can only grow hair out so long at still maintain the professional look required for job interviews.

After asking around, I was referred to a place in Reston, about 20 minutes to the north of Centreville, which is where I live. Reston just so happened to have an art walk this same weekend in the town square. The girlfriend and I decided to spend the afternoon walking around the art show and I managed to take a few photos from the booths which caught my eye.

The art fair featured over 200 artist from all over the eastern seaboard working in every medium.

This is a 3d medium, metal reproductions of figures in a background photograph.

Another booth featured animals and forest mythology in various sculptures:
Animal Table

and a forest nymph:
Forest Nymph

I had seen the guy that produces these:
Fat Wax Biker

while I was in Ann Arbor at the art fair there. These figures are not wax, I don’t know what they are made of, but they are phenomenally detailed and extremely realistic human figures.
Fake lady

I also found these:
Weird Head
Weird Head 2

This guy does dioramas, but far beyond anything every done in Middle School. Each one is the size of Medicine Cabinet
Mexican Diorama

Close up:
Mexican Diorama Zoom

Another person does seed/herb/spice holders as sculptures, this one is particular was called the seed spirit:
Seed Spirit

A few different booths displayed ‘paper art’ Where a single sheet of paper is cut and painted to look nothing like its original form. These were from two different booths:
Paper Cut Kimono
Paper Cut Kimono 2
Paper Cut 1
Paper Cut 2

We found another person which did diorama-style art with but cutting away objects and filling them with smaller items to create a new work.
Bento Box Art
Violen Bento box Art

These people used books and wood from sharecropper houses on their property to produce paintings. The American Gothic style of their paintings didn’t really appeal to me, but the concept was pretty cool.
Book Painting

The artist from the following photo didn’t want me to take any pictures, but after I explained what I was doing, he okayed it. The artists uses digital photos with image manipulation software to produce paintings that look like more than a painting but less than a photo, pretty neat stuff. He was worried that if I captured a high enough resolution photo of his work, I would be able to reproduce it as my own. I’m not that talented.
Dancers Digital Media
I also snagged his business card, if you are curious about more of his work or ordering prints/originals:

These people produced what was probably my favorite booth, filled with steampunk-style oddities:
Mullanium FrontMullanium Back

Here is some of their work:

From a different booth but in the same flavor:

And finally: the winner for best business card goes to the guys that make these:
(that is the girlfriend in a floppy hat)
And here is their card:
Ignations Hats BC

The experience was a lot of fun, as we were able lots of unique pieces of art from the local and coastal communities. Reston is an interesting little town to visit and has, from what I gather, a fairly active community events calendar. I also liked the person who cut my hair.

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  2. Carolyn says:

    🙂 hi, those are some pretty neat art works, I thought the ann arbor art fair was later? Did they go earlier this year?

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