Super Tuesday – run for the hills

Super Tuesday occurred yesterday, and for those of you who are unaware, its the biggest and busiest day of the primaries for the upcoming election cycle. This is the one day that demonstrates for the rest of the nation which way politics is heading.

The result of super-tuesday? An unequivocal landslide against the Washington candidates. Mitch McConnell wanted Greyson to win in Kentucky. Tea Party favorite Rand Paul destroyed him by roughly 18 points. Joe Sestak defeated Arlen Specter, and Bob Bennett is also gone.

Apparently the mood among voters is clear – they don’t want Washington maintaining its incumbents. Will this be for the better?

While I can certainly sympathize with voters for being fed up with the inaction and mismanagement that Washington often displays, the candidates which are winning the primaries are more extreme than the establishment-candidates which they are replacing. And that is bad. While voters electing the more vocal wings of either party may think they are going to get what they want, what they are actually doing is managing to create an even more divisive culture than currently exists.

If the more extreme candidates are elected and sent to Washington, watch for the dialogue in Washington to reach heightened levels of partisan bickering. Although these candidates may agree that Washington is spending too much, it is how to cut that spending that they will disagree on, and hence, never make any movement on.

From Mark Allen’s POLITICO Playbook:

‘This election marked the official end of establishment dominance. Lawmakers don’t need the backing of presidents, campaign committees and political parties: They have tea parties, the Internet and cable. Power now comes from being able to tap into the Tea Party movement, from being a regular on Fox News, creating a fundraising apparatus that is out of your traditional leadership PAC or party committee. And so if Rand Paul comes here, not only will he not be beholden to the establishment — he would come in here with outright hostility to the establishment. Power will come from the outside. So he would be even more tethered to the outside. He wouldn’t even have flexibility to become an establishment politician.’

A bit of good news for the Dems though – their candidate Mark Critz defeated Republican Tim Burns in the Pennsylvania special election.
POLITICO dropped an article on the activists control of politics in this election.

Also keep an eye on Blumenthal – he supposedly explained he Vietnam record yesterday, a record which was called into question (and whose discrepancies were leaked to the NYT by Republican opposition. Still not a really acceptable response (Blumenthal’s) in my opinion.
The NYT Article

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One Response to Super Tuesday – run for the hills

  1. Laura says:

    Interesting insights and likely true. I’m beginning to get more radical emails from my more conservative friends- and I thought this country was divided under Bush!

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