Please excuse the image quality, I took these on my phone.

Anyway, today’s excursion was to Jungle Adventure Putt-Putt (or mini golf for the rest of the civilized world). I was expecting the same mini golf I had experienced in Arizona, some small courses, lots of heat, and a few half-hearted scenery items. I was surprised by the experience. They put some serious effort into this course, and it showed.

Pictures inbound!
Entrance sign
Entrance sign to the course. I got a bit of a laugh out of it. Actual Artifacts.

Water fall fountain with glowing eyes and motion activated voice.

There is a cobra that pops up on the left and spits water at you. I was not expecting this and it took me a minute to find the source after I got hit in the back of the head with a spray.

One of the paths, a “mineshaft”

archaeological dig tent, from greece, complete with 1930s music and an animatronic figure which regals the golfers with tales of danger from the African bush.

Monkeys and an awesome tree house, Tarzan also swings by occasionally (a dummy on a zip line, it was great, howling included).

Temple obstacle, it requires teamwork to actually complete. Kinda like social gaming, but in real life, outside instead of in front of the computer compiling a monitor tan.

Its a giant lizard!

A random sign.

If you look closely, you can see the Alligator which pops up. It also shoots water – this one about 30 feet, right across one of the greens.

An awesome hole, its like a 1970s love shack den, with zebra striping in yellow and black, old radio equipment, the works. The Gorilla in the background also shoots out large amounts of water at unsuspecting golfers.

One of the signs for the holes

African Bee swarm, upon entering headhunter territory.

The headhunter hiding in the bushes, complete with blow gun.

Inside of the vampire bat cave, up on the ceiling.

More of the course, some of the holes were really interesting to play though.

This was a way different experience from what I am used to and a lot more fun. The effort put into creating the atmosphere of (what is kinda of a kitschy on mini golf courses anyway) put the entire thing over the top, in a great way.

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  1. Laura says:

    looks like fun!

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