Mortal Kombat: It’s Alive!

This deserves every re-post it gets. Making the rounds yesterday was an enigmatic 8-minute short featuring some of our favorite characters from the long-running 2-person fighting game, Mortal Kombat.

The history of the series is here on wikipedia.

The game went from this:
old school MK

to this:

to this:

And finally, yesterday, we got this: (I’d recommend HD turning the volume up) Be warned: the following is pretty close to an R-rated trailer.

That’s right, the Mortal Kombat series just got a gritty, realistic reboot, and I couldn’t be more excited. I played multiple incarnations of this game and the over-the-top violence never got old. Hopefully, this will turn into a full-blown movie, as the internet rumor machine seems to think. The series will get some much deserved attention in a format most likely to connect with it’s prime audience, the 14-24 gaming demographic.

Bonus: still image of sub-zero from the trailer.


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