Independence at the capital

The time for fireworks is drawing close. The sun is setting, people have settled into their chairs and towels have been spread on the grass. I am sitting in the middle of the national mall, in Washington DC, awaiting one of the great firework shows. The crowd around me is roughly 50,000 people strong. All of then are spread across the mall, the entire length from the Washington monument to the Capital building. The evening light is casting a glow on the capital building, producing a flesh-tone coloration on the white facade. People are playing catch with footballs and passing soccer balls between themselves.

The sangria next to me is cold and delicious, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Everyone here today is in the mood for a celebration, and if past examples hold true, the show won’t disappoint. So, as I sit here at one of the larger 4th of July parties the nation has to offer, I can reflect and enjoy the fact that I am American, and I do have the benefit of living in the greatest country on Earth, and that no matter what, Americans will adapt and prevail against any challenge which is presented.

Go America, you rock. Happy 4th everyone.

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