A (late) 4th of July Photo Frenzy

I managed to get a few short posts sent out before my phone died on me. So, here are the rest of the photos I snagged and was unable to upload.

Here is the Hare Krishna ‘free feast’ (donation accepted), they managed to attract quite a few people and offered everything from free food (donation accepted) to yoga lessons (donation accepted) to talks about science and the religion of Krishna (donation accepted).
Hare Krishna fest

Looking down the mall towards the Capital Building
Capital Crowd

These guys called themselves ‘The Original Tea Party’ and featured such signs as I Pity the Fool and I Ain’t Gettin on No Plane Many of them were also complete with Mohawks and 30 lbs of Gold Chains.
Mr. T ain't no fool

It was hot:

VIP tent in fron of the Capital building – home to the concert for the night.

Evening hits:

Fireworks time!

The event was attended by roughly 50,000 people, by my best guess. The show was great and the mall, while extremely crowded, still had some space available. I also have to commend the Metro PD for managing foot and vehicle traffic so efficiently after the event.

My compatriots and I were able to walk over to a bar near the metro, enjoy an independence beer and late night snack, and then take a very crowded metro home.

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One Response to A (late) 4th of July Photo Frenzy

  1. laura says:

    Looks thick with humidity. We watched it all on t.v. – less crowded.

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