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Google goes after Hollywood, Youtube rentals ahead?

The story this morning which has all of the tech blogs buzzing is the announcement by the search giant Google that it is in advanced talks with Hollywood studios to offer pay-per-view movie services through the Google offshoot, Youtube. Mashable … Continue reading

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Say Hi To My (little) Chef Friend

One of my good friends James has started up his own food blog, he is a professional chef in Austin now, building his career. Please go and check out his work at Cheffing Around. I promise your visit will be … Continue reading

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Links only

Moving closer to becoming a full time Virginia resident, I actually received my VA temporary driver’s license today after six hours and three DMV visits. Since I have other work which needs to be attended to, I am sharing these … Continue reading

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The Economist apologizes to Obama?

I was doing my daily rounds of reading today, and I cam across this article from the well-respected magazine The Economist General Motors Government Motors no more An apology is due to Barack Obama: his takeover of GM could have … Continue reading

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Hiking Mackinac

The final piece of the Mackinac travel journals, this is a photo set from a short hike along the ridge-line of Mackinac Island. We woke up earlier in the morning, about 7 am, to eat breakfast and head down to … Continue reading

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Justin Beiber…800 times slower and way more awesome.

I wish I could take credit for this, but the credit goes to gizmodo for providing the content. Anyone under 25 has probably heard of Justin Beiber, the pre-teen (teen?) pop singer who has managed to make 12-year old girls … Continue reading

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The Expendables injects testosterone into your daily diet…and makes you want more

I just returned from a viewing of the super-action-star packed Expendables and all I can say is ‘ugh nuh nuh nuh grrrrr’. If all you expect is a series of explosions, fights, and simple scripting, then you will be impressed. … Continue reading

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Trolls, Fudgies, and Uppers (You-pers) part 2 of 3, being the last.

The last installment of my Michigan travel series has arrived, and it takes place on Mackinac Island, the idyllic vacation spot of the Great White North. Laying at the very northern tip of the lower peninsula (or the bottom of … Continue reading

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Fudgies, Trolls, and Uppers (you-pers)

I am returning from my travels in Michigan today, and I have to say, I am sad to see it go. Between Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Mackinac Island, there was much to see and even more to do. Michigan has … Continue reading

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Detroit. Rock City.

You know, say what you will about Detroit. It is a hell-hole, it is a cesspit, it is a crumbling ruin, it is a failed city, but continue saying that once you visit and you may find yourself entirely wrong. … Continue reading

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