Detroit. Rock City.

Detroit, Rock City

You know, say what you will about Detroit. It is a hell-hole, it is a cesspit, it is a crumbling ruin, it is a failed city, but continue saying that once you visit and you may find yourself entirely wrong. This is now my second time visiting the Motor City, and I have to say, each time I am here, I enjoy it more. It certainly is no New York or Washington or Chicago or San Francisco or Chicago, but it is entirely a fantastic city in its own right.

Lets start with the food. Excellent. When you know where to look, there is ethnic cuisine abounding, and all of it is about as authentic as you can get.

Slow's, in Cork town

Whether it is Slow’s for some Mid-Western Bar-B-Que, Southern Fires for soul food, 24 grill for a drink and light dinner, or Roast for a piece of grilled meat, the culinary diversity astounds.

Southern Fires

The chefs here are just as skilled in any other culinary destination, and they work for their reputations. A city which faces massive unemployment and a recently floundering (but recovering) manufacturing sector does not spend its money lightly, so when it does, those on the receiving end seek to impress.

The culture is no dead zone either, the Detroit Opera House still performs regularly, the African-American history museum is a brilliant look at the history and contributions of Africans in American society, the Tigers have a stadium right in

The Big D

downtown, and the clubs and bars are busy every weekend, and on top of their game. There are regular concerts, live shows and DJs everywhere, casinos for those of the risk-taking mindset, and a waterfront offering food and family entertainment.

My experience tonight was with a cigar bar right outside of Greektown (website here), and in the heart of Detroit.

La Casa de la Habana Humidor

As I walked in, I was greeted by a friendly and courteous staff who were very eager and helpful in making an appropriate cigar selection, the cuban-inspiried band was providing an invigorating selection of jazz mixtures, and the bar was well stocked with any variety of scotch (my drink of choice) which I could ask for. I was able to sit and listen to a great live set, enjoy a fine cigar, and sip on a wonderful glass of scotch, all in all, a very relaxing evening.

Aside from the food, nightlife, and culture, Detroit offers skill. Every single person here is waiting to impress, to show what they can do, and to advance. The talent in manufacturing, design, and marketing is immense. Companies wanting to jump start with some real talent would do well to base themselves inside of Detroit.

Detroit is not a city on the way out, but a city on its way back in. Do yourself a favor next time you are in Michigan and head to Detroit, relax, and find out what the Motor City really has to offer.

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3 Responses to Detroit. Rock City.

  1. laura says:

    grammatical mistakes abound. love you! -Briana

  2. Grandpa J says:

    So, what’s for dinner???

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