Google goes after Hollywood, Youtube rentals ahead?

The story this morning which has all of the tech blogs buzzing is the announcement by the search giant Google that it is in advanced talks with Hollywood studios to offer pay-per-view movie services through the Google offshoot, Youtube. Mashable has a brief overview on the story, highlighting the facts that the talks have been ongoing for

Google's use-generated content video service

months, and that Google may be under pressure to reveal something new in light of the expected release of a new Apple TV (iTV?) at a press event later this week.

While Google did indeed attempt a similar model earlier, it was not advertised to the extent which Google can manage, as noted by the Mashable article. So far, the only real details are that major Hollywood studies would offer rentals through Youtube on a streaming basis (no downloads) for somewhere around 5$, as noted by Ars Technia

As with almost everything initiated by one of the tech giants, this has the possibility to change the way we consume media. My only question of viability – with services Like Netflix (8.99/mo unlimited rentals) and Redbox (1.00 per night), how would Google’s 5$ per movie view system hold up or remain profitable?

Alternatives: Netflix

Either way, both the continuation of Google’s Hollywood talks, and Apples (presumed) iTV release later this week are worth following.

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