Google Has Insta-Search, Bing is Bitter

Bing homepage

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A few days ago, google rolled out an impressive new technology – instant search, just type your query into the search field and watch the results pop up, in real-time, without hitting enter. The Forbes blog (see article below) interviewed the Microsoft exec (Stefan Weitz) in charge of Bing! – Microsoft’s search engine. Mr. Weitz came off sounding somewhat bitter about Google‘s move, and how Microsoft appeared unable to do anything about it. He did claim that Microsoft could have rolled out the technology years ago, but didn’t (why not?), and contends that Bing! is still a better engine.

I find I still prefer Google’s search box and results layout, and Google still commands the largest market share, so only time will tell if Mr. Weitz’s comments are just bitter or on the mark.

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One Response to Google Has Insta-Search, Bing is Bitter

  1. Carolyn says:

    I tried that today, it’s kind of unnecessary, but it’s cool!

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