The Internet’s April Fools List

I can’t claim any credit for this, many different people compiled the list of April Fools jokes they found on the internet, but here it is – a list of the websites and the pranks they ran

1. Gmail Motion Beta, uses Gmail via gestures.

2. Adblock for Chrome, at least, had an “update” for a distributable set of “glasses” that block ads in Magazines and Newspapers.

3. Images uploaded to IMGur now have a “Catify” option (Working), that randomly adds cats to your uploaded image.

4. YouTube has a “1911” option, which mutes the video’s normal audio, replaces it with a rag-time piano track, and makes the video appear in sepia-tone with streaks and grains.

5. The MineCraft website is now featuring a “Mincraft Store” where “Loot” items can be purchased (Make sure and click Checkout after selecting your items!).

6. Woot’s “Bag-o-Crap” today requires a quirky and fun flash game to even earn the right to buy one. See the following thread in progress: Link

7. Blizzard launches motion-sensitive controlling device for consoles, also, back to consoles with Blizzard games!

8. Hulu goes oldskool with their website.

9. Razer launches “The Talon”, a new gaming peripheral.

10. Nvidia goes back to their 3Dfx roots.

11. Kongregate is offering a “Trade-In” option for Kreds in exchange for your un-used Flash games.

12. Another from Blizzard, this time for a Horadrapp app for your iPhone, allowing you to mix and match your existing iPhone apps.

13. The Star Wars: The Old Republic features an “update” section featuring a new “Wookification” of the game.

14. Another Blizzard one, for the World of Warcraft website, featuring a new in-game pet to help you with dungeons.

15. Atlassian, the makers of “Angry Birds” is now offering the “Angry Nerds” app.

16. Google is now hiring for the position of Auto-Completer in the Mountain View, CA area.

17. Reddit is now making use of the “Mold” feature, which reduces how many comments you can view, and the more mold you accumulate from other people, the fewer you can view. Also, you’re not allowed to use the letter “e” in comments.

18. Groupon has submitted a patent on April Fools.

19. Google is promoting their “Comic Sans for Everyone” campaign in light of resent research showing that people read the shit out of Comic Sans.

20. Toshiba has launched the Spectacle, a new 3D monocle that provides an intense 3D experience without the need for a 3D television and funny glasses.

21. Feefighters raises $41 million and buys out the Foofighters, merger ensues.

22. TechCrunch reports on Google’s production of a nuclear facility.

23. Google Chrome has added an Extension that adds sound effects to various components of Chrome (Warning: It’s super fucking obnoxious after 5 seconds).

24. Google Wave notifications for Google Wave.

25. Kodak is offering a new app to remove people from photos.

26. All kinds of crazy shit on ThinkGeek, like canned Unicorn meat or plush bacon.

27. Escapist Magazine has a news story regarding PopCap game titled “New Bejeweled”

28. Google Translate for animals.

29. CollegeHumor has an Admin link on the front page.

30. WedRoulette, need I say more?

31. Flickr introduces the FlickrPad.

32. Dr. Pepper trolled Chatroullete. Wonder how many dicks they had to next…

33. Toshiba offers inflatable laptop.

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