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Bob Woodward on Journalism, War, and A Man Divided

On Tuesday November 30, the noted author Bob Woodward came to the Elliot School of International Affairs at George Washington University to participate in a Q&A session. The topics ranged from Wikileaks to getting the truth from sources to the … Continue reading

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Obama’s India Trip Creates A New UN Question

As President Obama begins to wrap up his trip to India, the first leg of a 10-day Asia tour, he backed a proposal to add India to a new, permanent seat in the UN Security Council. This would be the … Continue reading

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In The Post-Election Wave of Destruction…A Third Way?

Now that we’ve all had our fill of the mid-term election results, the celebrations or somber walks home, and of course, the non-stop rounds of talking heads telling us how this is the start of a bright new era or … Continue reading

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NYT On the Education of a President

The New York Times published an article on 10/12/2010 by Peter Baker about the education of President Barack Obama, and it was not on his schooling – it was on the lessons Mr. Obama has learned during his first two … Continue reading

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The Economist apologizes to Obama?

I was doing my daily rounds of reading today, and I cam across this article from the well-respected magazine The Economist General Motors Government Motors no more An apology is due to Barack Obama: his takeover of GM could have … Continue reading

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