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Google goes after Hollywood, Youtube rentals ahead?

The story this morning which has all of the tech blogs buzzing is the announcement by the search giant Google that it is in advanced talks with Hollywood studios to offer pay-per-view movie services through the Google offshoot, Youtube. Mashable … Continue reading

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The Expendables injects testosterone into your daily diet…and makes you want more

I just returned from a viewing of the super-action-star packed Expendables and all I can say is ‘ugh nuh nuh nuh grrrrr’. If all you expect is a series of explosions, fights, and simple scripting, then you will be impressed. … Continue reading

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Inception Plot Analysis [Spoiler]

The idea of ‘Inception’ – that an idea can be planted in the mind of another and made to believe that it is its own idea, is beguiling, even more so when we understand that the mind may perceive to be real what isn’t. Christopher Nolan’s new film: INCEPTION, plumbs the depths of our minds, our defenses, and our perceptions, and as we find out, those very items we hold closest to ourselves are often the most troubled and disturbed. Continue reading

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