The Expendables injects testosterone into your daily diet…and makes you want more

I just returned from a viewing of the super-action-star packed Expendables and all I can say is ‘ugh nuh nuh nuh grrrrr’. If all you expect is a series of explosions, fights, and simple scripting, then you will be impressed. That is exactly what I wanted of this movie and that is exactly what I got. Stallone, Stathom, and Li provide an excellent core cast with other stars (Rourke, Austin, Lundgren) providing the filler background which sets up the gunfights, punches, and explosions. Go expecting man time, come back feeling like a testosterone fueled fighter jet strapped to a cruise missile on the back of a race horse being shot out of an ICBM.

The plot is predictable and action-genre generic, buts that’s okay. We’re not here for deep thought provoking dialogue set in coffee shops in France, we’re here to see things explode. Sometimes the lines or shots can be painful, but its forgivable within the next second, and the camera occasionally gets too jerky to see properly – a trend that I think is overused at this point – but it doesn’t actually impede what is happening on screen. Rambo may have taken down the Viet Cong with twin machine-gun arms, but when compared, he doesn’t have anything on the team of flying death machines known as the Expendables.

Be right back, I need to go find beer, cigars, and guns.

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One Response to The Expendables injects testosterone into your daily diet…and makes you want more

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for helping me save money 🙂

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