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Inception Plot Analysis [Spoiler]

The idea of ‘Inception’ – that an idea can be planted in the mind of another and made to believe that it is its own idea, is beguiling, even more so when we understand that the mind may perceive to be real what isn’t. Christopher Nolan’s new film: INCEPTION, plumbs the depths of our minds, our defenses, and our perceptions, and as we find out, those very items we hold closest to ourselves are often the most troubled and disturbed. Continue reading

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ECbW goes to St. Michaels, Maryland

A few weeks ago, I traveled out to St. Michaels, Maryland to visit a college friend who had a summer house in the area. St. Michaels is known, according to the sign upon entrance, as the town which fooled the … Continue reading

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The Chinese Colossus at Hudson Institute

The Hudson Institute presents a panel on the rise of China. The event is being attended by roughly 60 people with four guest panelists. Mr. Christopher Ford – Hudson Institute, Charles Horner – author of Rising China & It’s Postmodern … Continue reading

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World Cup Final, Boston MA

Cask n’ Flagon, Boston MA. World Cup Final time.

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Aztec Man rooting for Spain at the final

Aztec guy showed up at the Cask n’ Flagon in Boston for the world cup final. He wants Spain to take it, my prediction? Oranje 2-1

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Fear Not

There has indeed been a lull in the posting schedule as of late, but fear not, there are going to be several large updates in the near future.

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A (late) 4th of July Photo Frenzy

I managed to get a few short posts sent out before my phone died on me. So, here are the rest of the photos I snagged and was unable to upload. Here is the Hare Krishna ‘free feast’ (donation accepted), … Continue reading

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Independence at the capital

The time for fireworks is drawing close. The sun is setting, people have settled into their chairs and towels have been spread on the grass. I am sitting in the middle of the national mall, in Washington DC, awaiting one … Continue reading

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People watching volume 1

A small glimpse of what I am watching going past every few minutes. The benefits of living in a large city.

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Live from the National Mall

Happy America is superior day everyone! I will be reporting for the rest of the day from the national mall in Washington DC. It is independence day and the tourists are in full force. The mall is not full yet, … Continue reading

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